This Wine is Mine!

Hi! My name is Dorrie, and my love for felt balls hit me hard when I took my son to the craft store to get supplies for a school project. I was immediately drawn to the wall of colorful felt ball garlands (not the styrofoam ball he needed for his cell model).  So when the pandemic hit, the rush of day to day activities came to halt, and this gave me time to create the perfect felt ball wine charm.  THIS WINE IS MINE was created as a fun way to keep track of your wine glass during a time when mixing up glasses was not a good thing!

But now, I’m embarking on an exciting new adventure. I’ve launched This Wine is Mine shop so everyone can share in the joys of these colorful wine charms.  My goal is to make sure everyone knows THIS WINE IS MINE. I aim to bring a little more joy into the lives of not only myself but all the incredible mamas, sisters, dads, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, teachers, and everyone out there.

At This Wine Is Mine, we’re all about celebrating the special moments of being together and sharing friendship and cheer. Our wine charm collection is a mix of colorful, handcrafted felt balls made with love and care that are ready to celebrate any occasion, big or small.  My wish is that each colorful felt wine charm brings a bit of happiness to you too!

Join me on this journey as we celebrate the little joys of each day that fill our hearts with love and make each day a little more special.  Grab a glass, make a toast, and let's celebrate something today!

Thank you for being a part of This Wine is Mine story. Cheers!

With love and gratitude,


meet the owner

Hi! I'm Dorrie

Thank you for supporting my business. My wish is that each colorful felt wine charm brings a bit a happiness to you too! Let’s celebrate something today!

xo, Dorrie Andrews
This Wine is Mine